Android’s Coolest Release Thus Far

The Nougat 7.0 is Androids newest and probably the sweetest phone operating systems released yet. With even more ways to make your android phone, your own. We are all special and different in our ways, why should our cell phones be the same?

With the OS updated you are now able to use two or more languages at the same time. New Emojis allow users to really accentuate the many things they want to say. With over 1500 emojis what could you say without words?

A really cool and efficient tool Nougat now offers is allowing you to run two apps side by side. Watch someone bake cookies in one app while you also text your aunt the great news that you’ll be over soon with some warm cookies. Use quick switch now to switch quickly between apps, just double tap. Continue reading “Android’s Coolest Release Thus Far”

Drive Smart & Safe With Android Auto

Android users should be aware of Android Auto which was launched back about two years ago. This allows phones and cars to integrate. Drivers have an easier time driving and safely accessing exactly what they need on the road. It makes it easy for integrated service-based business’ vehicles to navigate the roads. Scott, owner, of Carpet Cleaning Honolulu, is one integrated user of Android Auto agrees.

With over 200 car models available and over 50 brands, and much more coming, it may seem they have reached their goal.

You can’t help to question what about the older vehicles that still exist on the road? Some aren’t compatible or are so old they don’t even have screens to support it at all. How can Android Auto also help these individual as well? Are they forgotten?

Today, Android Auto has released a whole new way for users to use it. Access all of the features right on your Android phone. The update allows its users the same driver friendly interface but now accessible on their phone. Access to your directions, music, and communications just like having it in your vehicle. Voice commands make calling your boss that much easier. Use google maps hands-free and gets to your destination safely.

Keep updated with the latest version and updates and make sure to drive safe with Android Auto, made with drivers in mind.

The Biggest Difference Between Android & Apple Devices

Android and Apple products, the two largest mobile device providers, are like cars. You have you’re Toyotas and Chevrolets, etc. Both basically fulfills the same need, getting you from point A to point B, but they both have different characteristics, functionalities, and features. But before you call up the tow trucks to tow away the Apples, let me unbiasedly explain what is the biggest difference between the Android devices versus Apple’s.


Apple Products


Apple does everything end-to-end with all of their official products. Meaning they design, develop, and produce everything in the house and doesn’t let outside developers contribute to its iOS software. They do this so that the user’s experience stays consistent, the way Apple wants it to be. They are also very strict with their App Store submissions as they try to keep the experience consistent and controlled.


Continue reading “The Biggest Difference Between Android & Apple Devices”

5 Facts You Probably Didn’t Know About Android

Android products has been one of Google’s most successful products over the years. If you use Android products or are part of the Android cult, you probably already knew this. Of course, because your opinion is biased. But that’s okay¬†because we are biased too!


Anyway, there are several things you may not know about Android. Here are five true facts about Android that you probably didn’t know:


1) Android wasn’t founded by Google.¬†

That’s right, the behemoth of a company, Google Continue reading “5 Facts You Probably Didn’t Know About Android”

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