5 Facts You Probably Didn’t Know About Android

Android products has been one of Google’s most successful products over the years. If you use Android products or are part of the Android cult, you probably already knew this. Of course, because your opinion is biased. But that’s okay because we are biased too!


Anyway, there are several things you may not know about Android. Here are five true facts about Android that you probably didn’t know:


1) Android wasn’t founded by Google. 

That’s right, the behemoth of a company, Google, didn’t create Android. It was “adopted” by Google rather. In 2003 a company named Android Inc. produced and developed the Android. It was when Apple released the iPhone in 2007, Google decided to buy out Android Inc to go up against those Apples. The acquisition price was a for a measly $50 million.


2) Android Almost Died. 

Yup. Because the acquisition price was so low ($50 million isn’t that much when you’re going up against a billion dollar company), Android almost didn’t happen. It is unsure how Android got resuscitated, but few know that we almost didn’t get to enjoy the fruits of the Android.


3) More men use Android than woman. 

Well, it’s a fact. Why? We are not sure. Maybe there’s more men than woman in the universe. On the flip side though, some products like the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 are more popular with the ladies. Maybe it’s the size…?


4) “Andy” The Android Is Not An Original Character. 

The original Android premiered in an Atari Lynx game Gauntlet The Third Encounter. The character has similar design attributes and its name was Android. Was is just a coincidence or a pure knockoff? Or perhaps neither. Maybe Andy just used its alien powers and reincarnated to its newer modern self in the future (which is now)?


5) Android Is A Martian In Space. 

In 2010 a Nexus 1 was launched into space and placed into orbit as the brains of a satellite to collect data and do experiments. The alias name of the satellite is STRaND-1. It runs apps like an Android, because it’s probably an Android.


With all jokes aside, these are 5 true facts about Android that, now, you know about. Stay locked in for more from Android’s World… Or shall I say universe?




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