Drive Smart & Safe With Android Auto

Android users should be aware of Android Auto which was launched back about two years ago. This allows phones and cars to integrate. Drivers have an easier time driving and safely accessing exactly what they need on the road. It makes it easy for integrated service-based business’ vehicles to navigate the roads.

With over 200 car models available and over 50 brands, and much more coming, it may seem they have reached their goal.

You can’t help to question what about the older vehicles that still exist on the road? Some aren’t compatible or are so old they don’t even have screens to support it at all. How can Android Auto also help these individual as well? Are they forgotten?

Today, Android Auto has released a whole new way for users to use it. Access all of the features right on your Android phone. The update allows its users the same driver friendly interface but now accessible on their phone. Access to your directions, music, and communications just like having it in your vehicle. Voice commands make calling your boss that much easier. Use google maps hands-free and gets to your destination safely.

Keep updated with the latest version and updates and make sure to drive safe with Android Auto, made with drivers in mind.

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