Essential Android Productivity Apps

There are well over two million apps in the Play Store, Android has one of the largest app stores out there. Perhaps it’s because the Play Store isn’t as strict in their guidelines for app submissions compared to its competitor Apple.


Sometimes it can be overwhelming when you are looking for apps to download. In this series, we will share with you some of the essential Android Apps by type.


Here is December 2016’s Essential Android Apps For Productivity.



To-Do List Apps

To-do List apps don’t come in one-size fits all feature. The reality is that some people are busier than others. Here are a few essential To-Do List apps for the person varying in “busy-ness”:

  1. Google Keep – Simple and straightforward task app.
  2. Any.Do – Comes with some extra features.
  3. Wunderlist – Is packed with a bunch of features.

Email Apps

Need an email app that does a bit more than just receive, compose, and send email messages? Check these Android email apps:

  1. Boomerang – You can schedule, snooze emails to remind you of the message at a later time, and set up recurring messages.
  2. Inbox (By Google) – This app works directly with Google’s Gmail. It allows you to bundle related emails together, snooze them, or mark them as to-dos. It can also automatically keep important messages on the top of your email messages so you don’t lose track of them having to search through the clutter. This feature enables you to have package tracking info, reservations, appointments, and more at the top of your messages.


Calendar Apps

Finding a good calendar app is harder than you think. But, you just have to know what to look for. The challenging thing with calendar apps is it needs to display a lot of information in such a limited amount of space if you’re viewing it on a cell phone (yes, even with the Galaxy Note).

Today Calendar app provides a good solution for your calendar needs. It uniquely splits the monthly overview on the top half and your daily agenda on the bottom half so that you don’t need to tap the back button every time you’re trying to figure out what’s coming up on your schedule.

The app also comes with quick action features that allow you to call phone numbers, compose an email, or find addresses on the fly.


Storage Apps

We advise people not to waste their money on purchasing extra Gigabytes of memory storage when purchasing a cellphone or tablet. Why? Because you can easily get free online storage drives that you can sync your media with seamlessly.


Unless you are a photographer or videographer that intends to capture a lot of content on your cell phone, save some money on GBs and download these storage apps:

  1. Dropbox – Dropbox has almost become the standard in online storage.
  2. Google Drive – Google has thought of almost everything. If you want to stay in the Google ecosystem then download this app for your storage needs.


Organizational Apps

Keep your online life organized with these apps:

  1. Evernote – Helps you to sort store, and find your online stuff with ease (if used properly of course). It does require a subscription but is a good investment if you keep a lot of your stuff online and are dependent on it.
  2. OneNote – This is Microsoft’s alternative solution for organization your digital assets.

Production Performance Apps

This is a neat way to potentially motivate you to stay productive. Habitica is an app that makes your work day a game. Earn “experience points” for completing daily repetitive tasks. If you don’t complete them you’ll lose “health points”. Gamify your life and create productive work habits!


Other Apps:

Android Auto

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