Essential Android Internet & Communications Apps

Continuing with our Android Essential App list, here’s our list of essential Android internet and communications apps:


Google Chrome


The Google Chrome app has had a rough upbringing. But, it has grown over the years enough to make it a great essential app to have on your Android phone. Now, it sports a ton of useful features like being able to sync and view open tabs that are on your other devices. You can keep your web browsing private with the incognito mode or use the “Data Saver Mode” to keep your downloads light using fewer data and storage. You can also use experimental features to test out new innovative features that may make your web browsing life easier.


Twitter Apps


Twitter’s app also has come a long way and its features have grown. Now, it supports multiple accounts and lists, among many other features. But, if you’re looking for alternative apps other than Twitter’s official app, Falcon Pro and Talon are two alternatives that allow you to customize usage and enhance your experience. 


Messaging Apps


Google Hangouts App keeps getting better over time. With Hangouts you can group message, use Google Voice, video chat one-on-one or with groups, SMS, and a lot more. Facebook’s Messenger App

Facebook’s Messenger App is also a very powerful application that can do nearly all that Hangouts can do with the addition to sending voice recordings, image, and GIFs search, send money, and it integrates with third party apps. The best thing about it is everyone you have on Facebook is more than likely already using it, so you don’t need to get them to download/install anything to be able to interact.


Google Voice


Google Voice is a good utility app that allows you, when integrated, to record your phone calls, text over WiFi or from your tablet, call from your desktop, phone call forwarding, and more.


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