Essential Android Location Based Apps

Location-based applications are powerful tools for your Android devices. There are a ton that provides GPS solutions for anything and everything from personal use to business purposes like Android Auto.


Here is our list of the essential Android location-based apps to have on your device(s):


Google Now


Google Now is one of the most useful apps to have on your phone. There are tons of features that this app does. So much that we probably shouldn’t list it here for sake of your attention. But here are some of the awesome features that it provides:


  • GPS to keep your commute simple.
  • Stocks and sports updates.
  • Travel Aid. Google Now knows when you’re traveling and it provides you with interesting info on your travels.
  • See how far you’ve walked or traveled.
  • Shopping aid features, online and in-store.
  • Stay updated with your movies, TV shows, and books.
  • Access your tickets for upcoming events.
  • Keep updated with your favorite websites and news feeds.
  • Get reminded anytime and anywhere.
  • Ask your device anything. Whatever you need to search, just ask.

Note that these features do some super complex things. You’ll be surprised when you use them. 



Google Maps


Google Maps GPS app is a must have and is the most used apps on the Android. It itself has an abundant amount of features including real-time traffic updates for your destinations, integrated search history, add stops, find gas prices, and more. And Google keeps adding!



Android Device Manager


We highly recommend installing the Android Device Manager app once you get a new Android phone. If you ever lose your phone (hopefully you don’t), this app can locate it, lock it, and/or wipe out all the data if you choose to. It’s the bare minimum security app everyone should have.

If you are looking a little more security, the Lookout app does the same but adds protection from phishing scams, backs up your data, and more.

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